5 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world you should know about

With the growing number of crypto exchanges, it has become difficult to choose the best one. To be honest, most of the popular crypto exchanges provide the necessary features.

However, experts use advanced features and tools which are not available in every type of exchange.

Therefore, here I have mentioned the top crypto exchanges for everyone starting from beginner to expert traders. The crypto exchanges listed in this post are the largest and most popular exchanges.

Biggest Crypto Exchanges

Below are some of the best crypto exchanges that provide you with all the basic and advanced features for trading cryptocurrencies.

  • Coinbase Pro
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitmex
  • Binance
  • Huobi

It is difficult to choose the best crypto exchange among the five because people have different choices. However, all of the above exchanges are the most popular ones; you can decide by reading them in detail. You can enroll at the bitcoin era page to learn about the crypto day trading strategy.

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is one of the most trusted and popular crypto exchanges in the world. It is a US-based crypto exchange that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

Additionally, it also allows you to trade traditional fiat currencies. You can deposit and withdraw funds to the exchange euros through bank transfer, and for USD, you need wire transfer.

For serious cryptocurrency traders, Coinbase Pro is the best option. If you are a beginner, go with the standard Coinbase version.


The Hong-Kong based crypto exchange was founded in 2012. This is also one of the popular cryptocurrencies that support traditional fiat currencies along with cryptos. It offers special discounts to USA investors.

Bitcoin and Ehereum, Bitfinex allows you to trade many popular cryptocurrencies such as NEO, ZCash, EOS, Ripple, etc. Moreover, it will enable you to trade USD and euros too.

If you are a beginner, then you should avoid using it. The interface of this platform is very complex and robust. Another great feature is that it allows you to customize the interface. The platform also provides leverage today traders so that you can trade more than your fund.

Hackers attempted to hack the exchange multiple times. So when you chose this platform, be very careful.


Although Binance came late into the crypto space, it has outperformed with its advanced features. This was founded in China, but it was moved into Japan.

The crypto exchange provides two versions of the exchange, i.e., basic and advanced levels. The basic version of the exchange is a good fit for beginners to intermediate, and the advanced version is suitable for experts.

The crypto exchange has its crypto exchange called Binance Coin (BNB). You can buy other cryptocurrencies using this coin. You cannot trade fiat currencies on this platform. The platform has a separate platform for USA investors, i.e., Binance.US.


BitMEX is not available for USA investors. If you belong to the United States, you cannot use BitMEX without a VPN. Apart from the crypto exchange, it also offers excellent research material on cryptocurrencies on its official blogs.

The platform does not deal with fiat currencies. BitMEX only accepts deposits on the most popular crypto coin, Bitcoin. All of its transactions and other things are maintained by bitcoin.


Huobi is a Singapore-based crypto exchange, and it has a different version for USA citizens called HUBS. Again, it also has a pro version that offers many advanced features.

Huobi allows you to trade different cryptocurrencies with USD, Singapore Dollars, and the Chinese Yuan. However, it supports many cryptocurrencies, the trade volume of bitcoin, and Ethereum.


All of the above options listed above are the largest and most popular crypto exchanges in the world. If you want to invest in digital currencies, then choose according to your requirement. However, make sure that you never invest more than your risk level as cryptocurrencies involve very high-risks. Finally, please share your views in the comment section.

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