Trump Asks if Anyone Can Pronounce Kamala’s Name Right



Are U.S. and China Relations Going to Get Dangerous?

Big oil has done all it could to make it through the pandemic. They cut when they needed to and tried to find new solutions to their problems. But now, it seems like all they can do is wait for this whole thing to end…

Well, lockdown measures are being put in place again across the globe. And, truth is, no one knows how long they will be in place. The next country to shut everything down looks to be the U.K.

Streaming has basically taken over live TV at this point. But there’s one night this year where that won’t be the case. It’s Election Night and advertisers are hurrying to be part of live TV again…



Trump Laughs Off Kamala Harris’ Constant Anger When Someone Doesn’t Pronounce Her Name Right


A Royalty Administration has Been Launched for Comedians and Podcasters

Ex-Full House Star Starts Serving Two-Month Jail Sentence for College Scandal

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