Disney+ Scores Big Win with Taylor Swift Concert Film



ViacomCBS Cancels Popular Soap Opera…But Fans Still Hope

Comedian Dave Chappelle found out his old show was on Netflix and got pissed he wasn’t getting any money from it. So, he called Netflix, where he has a stand up deal, and told them to remove it. They must really want his stand up specials, because they did what he asked…

Grammy nominations came out…and some of the biggest stars were snubbed. Selena Gomez got no nomination at all and Justin Bieber got pissed he wasn’t in the category he wanted. These pop stars and the things they care about…

Netflix called check mate on all competitors with The Queen’s Gambit. The limited series had a whopping 62 million viewers. Now, all other streaming companies have to try and keep up…



Taylor Swift Gives Disney an Edge on Competitors with Her Concert Film Coming Out Today


YouTube Has Suspended Conservative Outlet OANN for Going Against the Mainstream Media on Covid

Real Life Camilla Attacked Online Because of What Fictional Camilla Did on The Crown

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