Warner Bros. Shook Up Entire Hollywood Model with One Move



Game of Thrones Prequel Set to Start Production Next Year

MTV is hoping to get some eyes on the screen when they air the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time special on December 6. The awards won’t be going to this year’s winners, but big actors of past hits like Jamie Lee Curtis and Kristen Bell. Will viewers tune in like they hope?

Warner Bros. announced a decision that could have a huge impact on the Hollywood system. And, just like that, movie theater stocks started crashing. Between this decision and covid shutdowns, will theaters be around much longer?

Will Congress actually vote to delist Chinese companies from the market? Some certainly think it will happen. Read here on why some people think it’s a good idea.



Warner Bros. Made a Big Decision with HBO Max Streaming – Will It End the Movie Industry As We Know It?


Stars Seen Shooting the New Hawkeye Series for Marvel and Disney+ in New York

Sister of Miley Cyrus Under Fire for Racist Comments Against Conservative Black Woman

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