Instagram Being Sued for $20 Million on Racism Charge



People Posting Bail for Epstein Ally Getting Death Threats

Looking for something new to watch when sitting at home? 15 movies were just added to streaming services last weekend. Here’s a list of what you can watch and where.

Netflix hired the former chief financial officer from Activision…and Activision is pissed. They are now suing the streaming service, saying they unlawfully poached him. Is this a suit they can really win?

Ford’s new Bronco SUV is the highlight of their new campaign. So, what would make them push back its launch by months? In 2020, it should be no surprise anymore that covid supply issues are causing delays…



Rapper is Suing Instagram for Racism After They Banned His Account


This Popular Game Series from Activision Made Over $3 Billion in the Past Year

Will This Christmas Classic Become the Top Netflix Film of the Entire Year?

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