How are Export Controls Being Used in U.S.-China Tech Race?



Growing Pains Star Defies Lockdown with Christmas Gathering

Facebook put in place a new rule allowing no political ads for a time period during the election. Then, they extended it because conservatives were sharing things that looked like election fraud. Now, they are lifting the ban for the Georgia runoff elections…

Fans of Motley Crue were super excited when The Dirt came to Netflix and showed the band in all their sleazy glory. Now, those fans will have something new to watch. This new Hulu series, Pam & Tommy, will focus on Tommy Lee right when he’s getting together with Pamela Anderson…

Disney made investors all kinds of happy with a slew of announcements last week. Now, some investors are starting to wonder if their stock will hit $250 in the next 2 years (it’s currently around $170). Read here to find out what they think.



The Tech Race Between the US and China is On! – Here’s How Export Controls are Playing a Part


This Star Wars Actress was Just Announced as the Lead in Whitney Houston Biopic

Christopher Nolan’s New Film Tenet is Now Available to Watch at Home – Here’s How

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