Michelob Partners with NBA and Microsoft to Create This Unique Experience



2021 Just Started – and Drug Prices are Already on the Rise

Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t doing so well at the box office…but it might make up for it with HBO Max. The movie’s release on Christmas day reportedly led to a good amount of new sign ups. Will this new movie release strategy pay off in the end?

With so many coming out, some of these streaming services have to fail. And one big failure this year was Quibi. However, they may have just found a buyer, so their content could be given new life somewhere else…

AMC has been hurting ever since the pandemic shut down movie theaters. And the pain doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Read here to find out what’s happening with their stock and why it fell yesterday.



What is the New Virtual Courtside Experience Created by Michelob, Microsoft and the NBA?


Fans of The Office are Freaking Out Now That the Series Has Left Netflix

What Did You Miss? Here are All the Titles Leaving Netflix This Month

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