Numbers Show Disney+ Could Eclipse Netflix by 2022



Qualcomm Plans to Put Nuvia Tech into Their Devices

Disney may have messed up their first trilogy, but they still have other ways to capitalize on Star Wars love. To that end, they announced a new video game that will be created in the Star Wars universe. And they are partnering with this huge game developer to get it done…

Yesterday, Warner Bros. made fans of Harry Potter, and their upcoming video game, a little less enthused. This is because they are pushing back the game’s release date by a full year. Now, those fans will have to wait longer before entering Hogwarts…

Social media has not been good or kind to conservatives…and that’s putting it mildly. Now, two other alternatives have been created that conservatives are using. And here you can meet the billionaires behind them…



Disney+ Has Barely Been Out for a Year – and They are Already on the Verge of Overtaking Netflix


After 5 Seasons, HBO Announces that Their Critically-Acclaimed Show Insecure Will Come to an End

Subway Launches New Protein Bowls – Basically a Footlong without the Bread

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