Disney has One Secret Weapon That Could Help Win the Streaming Wars



AMC Had a Difficult 2020 – Why is Their Stock Rising?

GM is looking to get further into self-driving cars with their Cruise subsidiary. And now, they have a new ally to do it with. Microsoft is becoming a partner by dropping $2 billion on the venture…

Like all clothing retail companies, Nordstrom had a hell of a year (and not in a good way). And now, it comes out that slumping sales over the holiday season basically wiped out any Q4 profit. Will they be able to pull it together and survive until things open up again?

With theaters still mostly closed, there’s a whole lot of uncertainty when it comes to movies and box office results. At this point, movies are streaming the same day as the theatrical release in many cases, bringing an end to the old model. What will the new year have in store?



This is the Secret Weapon That Could Help Disney+ Overtake Netflix and Other Streaming War Rivals


What’s the Number 1 Company on the Franchise 500 This Year? 

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