New GOP Minority Leader Under Constant Fire All the Time



Freshpet Stock has Been on Fire – Is It Still a Buy?

The streaming wars are getting huge…and some investors are getting rich. At this point, no one knows which company will win. But with everything coming to Netflix this February, you know they will be a strong contender…

Elon Musk’s SpaceX venture made even more significant moves last weekend. The company launched more satellites into space for Musk’s satellite internet idea. But, more important than that, they cut the cost big time and landed a record for the most satellites put into space by a single rocket…

When we say the YouTube generation has no concept of money, we mean they have no concept of money. One of their heroes, Billie Eilish, is a perfect example. She seriously thought a box of Froot Loops cost $35…



Aide to GOP Minority Leader Says They’re “Eating Sh*t for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Right Now”


Right After Trump Pardoned Him, Lil Wayne Got Back to Work on a Music Video

ABC Announces 2021 Start Dates for Grey’s Anatomy and Other Hit Shows

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