Will Their New Shows Give Marvel a Monopoly in Hollywood?



Palantir Makes Partnership with IBM and the Stock Soars

After months of conservatives being censored, riots allowed in the streets and a new President signing a record number of Executive Orders, Americans are truly fearful democracy may be ending. A new study showed that almost half of all Americans believe democracy isn’t working out. The way the media vilifies Republicans for nothing at all may have something to do with it…

Actor Armie Hammer is involved in one of the weirder celebrity controversies of recent years. He’s basically getting roasted for having super deranged cannibal fantasies (told you it was weird). When one Real Housewife made a joke about it on Twitter, you can imagine the enraged responses that came in…

Relations between China and Australia had been worsening already…and this definitely won’t make them any better. China arrested an Australian journalist because they suspect her of being a spy. Now, they want Australia to leave them alone and trust their process, which no one thinks Australia will do…



Disney+ is Set to Release Another Marvel Show – Will These Shows Give Them a Monopoly in Hollywood?


Will Anyone be Able to Take on Apple’s Dominance in the 5G Smartphone Market Next Year?

6 Unique Seats Always Sell Out First on the World’s Largest Flight – Find Out Why Here

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