Spotify Will Expand into 80 New Markets as Shares Surge



What is the New Clubhouse App That Everyone is on?

It’s a crazy world when liberal Alec Baldwin is the voice of reason. But that’s the case here, as he defends Woody Allen against the new HBO Max documentary about the allegations against the director. Baldwin says, rightly so, that investigations and courts judge someone guilty, not the mass media…

Even all these years after it ended, The Office is a super popular show to watch on streaming. Which is why many wondered how badly Netflix would hurt when the show left for Peacock. Well, the data is in and while one company was definitely the winner, the other one didn’t seem to lose much…

Remember the college admissions scandal with Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin? Well, apparently Netflix thought it was good material for a documentary. The film will be released mid-March, but a trailer is out now…



Spotify Stock Starts Climbing as They Announce Expansion into 80 New Markets


Prince William Wasn’t Happy with Harry and Meghan’s Response to the Queen – Read Here to Find Out Why

Bitcoin Hit a Record High Over the Weekend – Before Starting to Sink on Monday

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