Now Cancel Culture is Coming for Looney Tunes (No, I’m Not Kidding)



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Disney+ is not only a huge hit…it’s also the main thing that has kept Disney alive during the pandemic. And they just hit a huge milestone by topping 100 million subscribers in only 16 months. For comparison, it took Netflix a full decade to hit that number…

Bed, Bath & Beyond is launching 8 new private-label brands this fiscal year. And they do expect it to bring in more revenue. But it’s also going to have a bigger impact on the company than most investors are seeing…

A new movie is coming out that is setting the Twitter world on fire. The plot revolves around the true story of a black bear who ingested 70 lbs of cocaine before dying. I don’t really see how they’re going to get 2 hours out of this one…



Will Cancel Culture Ever Stop? Now, Even Looney Tunes Cartoons are on the Chopping Block


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