WarnerMedia’s Ad Sales Chief on HBO Max’s Place in the Streaming Wars



Reopened Theaters Send AMC’s Stock Soaring

It seems Hollywood is determined to keep putting on “woke” award shows until no one is watching. The Grammys were the newest award show to sink to historic lows. Will Hollywood ever learn?

Netflix has been called the King of the Streaming Wars. But they may not have that title for very long. At this point, Disney is set to overtake Netflix as the streaming leader in just 3 years…

What will the Oscars do in a year where almost no new movies were released? Well, they found a way to complete nominations, though most of the films aren’t as well known as the noms in earlier years. Read here to find out the biggest surprises and snubs from the year.



What Does the Ad Sales Chief of WarnerMedia Think of Their Position in the Streaming Wars?


Why are Selena Fans Outraged at the Grammy Awards? Read Here to Find Out

The Streaming Wars are Giving Comic Book Fans the DC – Marvel War They’ve Waited Years For

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