How Big Will Netflix Be in 5 Years?



How is Disney Stock Doing Now That Places are Reopening?

Roblox had its first Wall Street analyst coverage on Monday. And the analyst said the company is exposed to 2 “viral loops” that could drive engagement and monetization. Unsurprisingly, he gave the stock a Buy rating…

China made a new law recently that allows the nation’s coast guard to fire at foreign ships around some Japanese administered islands. And both Japan and the US have serious concerns about it. Will this cause more conflict between the countries?

Sharon Osbourne tried to defend Piers Morgan against racism accusations on The View. Of course, they called her a racist for it. But now, the wolves are out and have found the scent of blood…



Netflix is On Top of the World Right Now – But Where Will They Be in 5 Years?


New York’s Shakespeare in the Park Getting Ready to Reopen in the Summer

How Did the Cast of Parks & Recreation React to the Leslie Knope Inauguration Memes?

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