Which Celebrities are Fueling the Recent SPAC Boom?



The Future of BMW Interiors Has Arrived

Most Apple products end up being at least a decent-sized hit. The operative word there, however, is most. The company just declared their HomePod, which never caught on, as officially dead…

The vaccine rollout is making film companies comfortable with assigning theatrical release dates again. And Dream Works just announced two big titles for 2022. Let’s just hope nothing derails their plans this time…

The college admissions scandal was one of the bigger media events of the past few years. So, of course, it was a matter of time before Netflix made a documentary about it. Read here to find out the most disturbing things learned in the film.



Some of the Biggest Celebrities in the World are Getting Involved with SPACs – Are Their Names Worth the Risk?


Shake Shack Partners with Uber Eats on a Nationwide Delivery Service

Katherine Heigl Undergoes Major Surgery to Get Rid of Excruciating Pain in Her Neck

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