Can Roku Catch Up to Samsung in the Connected-TV Market?



What are AMC’s Plans in the Digital Streaming Sphere?

About 10 years ago, Netflix (as a DVD service) pushed Blockbuster Video into bankruptcy. Then it made a turn into streaming at the height of DVD popularity. Read here to look at Netflix’s game-changing strategy from our current perspective.

Though it wasn’t a huge hit when released, That Thing You Do has become a staple of American pop culture. And the film is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. What do the cast members think about it now?

HBO Max finally released the Snyder Cut of Justice League…and it comes in at a whopping 4 hours long. So, how is it? Well, every reviewer talks about it being too long and otherwise reactions are mixed…



Samsung Currently Has the Lead in the Connected-TV Market – Can Roku Catch Up to Them?


In the Heights Gets a New Release Date – Why Do They Want It to be Released Earlier?

What’s the One Thing That Would Make Rupert Grint Do Another Harry Potter Movie? Read Here to Find Out

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