How Did a Disney Announcement Cause AMC Stock to Fall?



What’s Coming to Netflix Next Month?

Who gets paid $100 million to star in a single film? Though the pay for actors may not be as much as it was, they still get more than can be believed. Read here to find out what the highest paid roles of all time were.

At the top of her career, Jessica Alba left acting to become an entrepreneur. And her brand, The Honest Company, is doing quite well for itself. So, what made her take the plunge into a completely new career?

Retail has had a super tough time since the pandemic began. And now, many of them need to make 2021 a good year just to survive. There are 3 main ways they can drive growth during the next year…



Disney Made an Announcement About New Movies Coming Out – It was Not Good for AMC Stock


Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner are Teaming Up for a Line of Plant-Powered Cleaning Products

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