How Will the New Netflix-Sony Deal Affect Theaters and the Industry?



Music Venues Want Aid – But a Glitch is Stalling Things

Warner Bros. made a lot of people in Hollywood mad when they decided to release movies directly to HBO Max. But it looks like the theatrical success of Godzilla vs. Kong may have swayed their thinking. They just announced that movies will go to theaters first again in 2022…

Will the fair use ruling in the Google vs. Oracle case have a big effect on the film industry? Given that the judges seem to have almost stretched the law in their ruling, it very well could. Read here to find out how this could bring more court cases in the future and give judges too much power.

The Federal Reserve signaled it would keep supporting growth…and just like that, the S&P 500 started hitting new highs. Even rising jobless claims weren’t enough to dampen the rise. Can the index keep going higher?



Sony Made a New Deal with Netflix – and It Could Have an Impact on Theaters, Streaming and Even the MCU


Exposed! Photos of Hunter Biden Doing the Dirty with Prostitutes Get Leaked

Peloton Has Had Supply Issues Since Getting an Influx of Orders During Covid – Can They Move Past Them Yet?

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