Apple Asks Congress to Lower Taxes if They Bring Factories to U.S.



This NBA Player’s Unique Path Will be a Documentary

It’s a crazy time when a gangster rapper is the voice of reason in the room. After 50 Cent endorsed Trump due to Biden’s tax plan, his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler came at him online. Now, he’s saying what every conservative has been saying since 2016: that politics shouldn’t ruin friendships.

Everyone knew that censoring conservatives would one day get big tech into trouble. And that’s part of what Google did when they made it nearly impossible to find other search engines and by using data collection against people. All we can do is wait and see what happens to them now.

Looks like 20th Century Fox stepped into it. Actor Terrence Howard is suing them for using his Hustle & Flow likeness to promote the show Empire. Now, on top of pandemic losses, they have this to deal with.



Apple Wants to Produce More in the U.S. – So They Lobbied for Lower Taxes


Now That The Good Place is Over, What Project Will Kristen Bell Take On Next?

How Can Dividend Aristocrats Make Your Retirement Years Better?

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