Now Even Popular Rappers are Endorsing Trump



Tennis Star’s Fashion Line Offers New Selections

Netflix shows are either a big hit or a hard miss. The best ones get word-of-mouth attention, which brings in more subscribers and profits. But this new hit show has people divided all over the internet.

The media may have made an even bigger mistake than they realized by trying to hide the Biden scandal. Now, Ted Cruz is calling them out for not doing their job. Don’t they realize you can’t just hide news in the age of the internet?

One company in Japan is doing really well during the pandemic. Called Iris Ohyama, their goods are found in nearly every Japanese home. And now, they are looking to expand more into international markets.



Popular Rapper Says That Trump is a Better President Than Barack Obama


Wife of Dawson’s Creek Star Says She is “So Done” With California After They Move to Texas

LISTEN: Did Ed Sheeran Copy a Popular Marvin Gaye Tune and Call It His Own?

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