Netflix’s Top Show Might Be Something Most People Never Heard Of



Adidas Found a Way to Turn Pollution into Sneakers

Celebrity feuds have damn near become a national pastime in America. And now we have one between…Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West?! And this one is starting with shots fired…

The video streaming industry is one of the more crowded fields out there, but usually they do well enough to pay off investors or last a couple of years. Not so with Quibi, which had over a billion dollars from investors and was done in a mere 6 months. So, what happened?

Uber spent a bunch on the technology and Google is supposedly close to having theirs ready, but consumers still don’t want self-driving cars. Even with covid, car sales are doing well and the consumer’s dislike for the product hasn’t shifted. So, why are companies still dumping money into the idea?



This Show is About to Break a Netflix Record – And Most People Haven’t Heard of It


Apple Warns Users of a Charger Problem…For a Product They Haven’t Even Released Yet

Playboy Sues Fashion Nova for Stealing the Playboy Bunny Design

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