Trump Gets Massive Crowd as City Recovers from Riots



Who Had First Hip Hop Album to Spend 500 Weeks on Charts?

Islam has gotten more fanatical lately all throughout Europe. But in France, it seems like a war is about to start. Even Muslims in New York are talking about Macron and justifying violence against the West…

Did Governor Newsom of California go too far? The courts certainly think so. They just ruled against his actions, saying he can’t change the election code like a dictator would…

Apple is looking for ways to make Apple TV bigger than it is. To that end, they are now making it available on Xbox and PlayStation game consoles. But will they do well going up against Netflix and Disney+?



Trump Welcomed in Kenosha While the City Repairs Itself from the Looting and Riots


Spotify Talks About Year End Growth Just as Their Stock Price Falls

Ben Affleck’s is Getting into the Best Shape of his Career by Doing This

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