Trump Hilariously Trolls the Media by Making Them Do This



Advertisers Want to Spend Again, But Will It Be the Same?

Do these people think no one will notice? A Bank of America employee put over $20,000 on a corporate card while at an adult venue…and then tried to lie his way out of it. What kind of person does this and thinks no one will find out?

Most celebrities are scared to tell anyone they want Trump to win. But this rapper doesn’t have such fears. He went to a MAGA rally and is now dealing with his haters in stride.

Most stocks went down in the months after the pandemic hit. But not stock for Chinese EV company Nio. They actually have done well and now speculation on this next move is causing their value to rise again.



Trump Used WiFi Network Names and Passwords to Troll the Hell Out of the Liberal Media


WATCH: Smartphone Makers Launch Almost 100 New Models Right Before India’s Biggest Shopping and Gifting Season

Kanye West Voted for the First Time in His Life – And It was for Himself

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