Jeff Bezos Wins Defamation Lawsuit



Minnesota Timberwolves to be Sold for Whopping Amount

When these two companies look for good stock purchases, they look for two things: financial strength and good dividend yield. As you can imagine, not a lot of stocks hit those marks these days. But they have agreed on three that do hit the mark on both categories…

It’s been a painful couple of years for Johnny Depp. A U.K. court didn’t clear his name as an abuser like he hoped and already his career is falling apart. He’s already had to resign from the Fantastic Beasts films…

Video games have blown up to huge proportions since the pandemic began. So, why did game maker EA’s stock drop last week? Their forward guidance didn’t please investors, which can hurt stock price…



Judge Throws Out the Jeff Bezos Defamation Lawsuit that was Brought by His Girlfriend’s Brother


Here are 20 Awesome Gift Ideas that Will Make the Music Lover in Your Life Sing with Joy

Even Though All Theaters are Closed, Fans are Still Happy to Get the First Set Photo from Spider-man 3

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