Did Trump Really Lose? Less Than Half of America Thinks So



Nike’s New Air Jordan Sneakers Will Have Auto Lacing Tech

While China may not like Trump, they are not a big fan of Biden either. The country’s factory bosses are wary of Biden and believe the tariffs will stay either way. Now, they are looking to expand to markets other than America…

Going into its 22nd season, Law & Order: SUV is planning to tackle our real life problems. Covid, community unrest and personal stress will all be making an appearance on the show. What other topics will they cover?

Emily in Paris ended up being one of the few really polarizing shows on Netflix. Some people loved it while others hated it and thought it was offensive (what else is new?). Either way, it got enough eyes to get renewed for a second season…



Less Than Half of America Really Believes Biden Won – So What Will Happen Now?


PlayStation 5 was Only Sold Online…and was Sold Out Even Before Being Released 

New York Restaurants are Pissed at Liberal Governor for Business Curfews

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