Melania Will Decorate White House for Christmas – Will It Be the Last Time?



Disney+’s Large Subscriber Count Helps Nullify Park Losses

The Macy’s Day Parade and NYE Ball Drop are both going virtual this year. However, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting will go on as normal…for now. Will rising covid cases in New York make even this tradition go digital?

We all saw Johnny Depp’s acting career take a major hit this week when the trial with his ex Amber Heard was finished. But now, his fans want revenge. Over 1 million of them have now signed a petition to get her fired from the Aquaman franchise…

If you listen to the media, it seems like Biden won and most everyone in Washington agrees with that. But it’s simply not the case. Ex-U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is usually talkative with the press, isn’t saying anything…is something going on we can’t see?



Melania Trump Will Be Christmas Decorating at the White House – For Maybe Her Last Holiday in It


Disney Released Q4 Earnings – Here are Five Things from It Worth Caring About

Grey’s Anatomy is About to Air Their 17th Season – Here’s What We Know

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