Twitter Censors Pro-Trump Tweet and Leaves Iran’s Tweet Untouched



Biden’s Team is Already Talking More Wall Street Oversight

Man, Pelosi must feel dumb for this one. She was prepared to have a big dinner for the new House members…until she was taken to task on social media for doing it while calling for shutdowns and distancing publicly. She changed her tune quick…

Spotify really believes in the podcasting business. First, they bought Joe Rogan’s podcast for a  huge amount and now they are buying podcast ad company Megaphone for $235 million. Will podcasts be as successful as they think?

Schitt’s Creek is getting all kinds of play on Netflix. So much, in fact, that it just beat huge Netflix shows like Tiger King to a huge milestone. Read here to see how they beat some of the most popular shows on Netflix.



Twitter Censors Nikki Haley’s Tweet about Election Fraud – But Leaves a Holocaust Denying Tweet by Iran’s Leader


Disney Started Streaming New Releases – Which Became a Spoiler for Japanese Cinemas

How are Airlines Making Money? – By Selling Everything But Tickets

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