Is the SEC About to Kick Chinese Companies Out of U.S. Stock Exchanges?



Why is No One Monitoring What Kids Watch on YouTube?

Shopify made a new deal today that should make their merchants seriously happy. They partnered with Alipay, a digital wallet provider. Now, merchants can get payments from China and other Asian markets…

Resale platform StockX has been doing well and now they are looking to expand. Given the market for sneakers, they decided to open buildings in China and Hong Kong to reach the Asia Pacific region. Will the strategy pay off?

With the holidays so near, investors are looking for a stock that will move up from strong sales. To that end, you might want to think about Nintendo. Their stock has done great during the pandemic and a lot of people will want video games for Christmas…



WATCH: Will the SEC Follow Through on This Plan to Delist Chinese Companies from the Market?


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