Biden Already Making Enemies of Progressives Who Don’t Like Him



Can You Have a Baby in Space?

Marissa Mayer resigned as the CEO of Yahoo three years ago. And now, she is publicly announcing her new company in the AI field. What will her new business bring to the tech industry?

Want an example of how crazy the world is right now? Singer Lana Del Rey had a book signing a month ago and wore a mesh face mask…and people went nuts on her. It got so bad that this long after it happened, she is still defending herself…

Podcasts have become a big business over the last few years. Now, companies like Apple and Spotify are trying to buy all they can to get deeper into that market. Here’s what the CEO of IHeartMedia thinks of the current trends in podcasting…



Progressives Already Mad at Biden for His Picks – And the Election’s Not Even Certified Yet


This Netflix Show is Such a Huge Hit That It Actually Made the Chess App’s Downloads Skyrocket

Even with People Fleeing to Suburbs, Target Decided to Stick with Small City Stores

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