Here’s How Netflix Will Get a Massive $2 Billion Increase in 2021



Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman Set to Co-Star in Netflix Film

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak made waves recently when he went off on a contestant (sort of). The contestant made an observation he didn’t like and the host wasn’t having it. Just add it to the list of things no one expected from 2020…

One of the ways to tell if a movie or show is doing well on Netflix is by looking at their top 10 list. Now, they’re making it so you’ll be able to see more hits from the streaming service. Because they are changing the list in a dramatic way…

We have seen a lot of celebrities getting covid since the pandemic began. And now, you can add the Prince and Princess of Sweden to that list. What makes it extra sad is that it wasn’t from a restaurant or a theater that they got it, but from a funeral they attended…



Netflix is Set to Get a $2 Billion Boost Next Year – Here’s How That Will Happen


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