Eric Clapton & Van Morrison Make New Song Fighting Lockdowns



Trailer Released for Mariah Carey Christmas Special

Johnny Depp had to walk away from the Fantastic Beasts series…with his huge salary intact. Since then, people have been wondering who will replace him. WB announced the replacement, but will this new actor be a hit with fans?

Ford is the fifth-largest auto maker in the world if you go buy autos sold, but its stock isn’t near that level. Rivals like Tesla have since come in and eclipsed the company. Is this an opportunity for investors?

After Johnny Depp was taken off of Fantastic Beasts, his fans were super pissed with his ex Amber Heard. Now, they want to get revenge by having her removed from the Aquaman franchise. So far, they have 1.5 million signatures on the petition to get her kicked off…



Van Morrison & Eric Clapton Protest Lockdown Measures with New Song


Courtney Cox Pleases Friends Fans by Recreating Her Famous Turkey Dance in Real Life

What were the Most Popular Movies on Netflix the Week of Thanksgiving?

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