Woman Arrested for Terrorist Attack in Seattle



Massachusetts May Be First State to Ban Facial Recognition

Salesforce made big news yesterday when they bought Slack to use as their software’s interface. Slack was one of the top workplace apps during the pandemic. Will people still use Slack if they change?

Social media influencer Jake Paul was all over the news yesterday. First, he won a boxing match against an ex-NBA player and challenged Conor McGregor to his next fight. Now, he’s pissing off the mayor of Calabasas with his wild parties…

Can American investors learn anything from China’s mainland traders? When it comes to retail investing, we may want to look at some things they do. Here are the lessons that might be helpful to investors here.



Woman with Anarchist Ties Charged with Terrorist Attack on Train Tracks in Seattle Area


Basketball Player Lauri Markkanen is Trying to Get an Extension with the Bulls

Umbrella Academy Star Ellen Page Now Wants to Be Called Elliot and Go By He or They

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