What Were the Best Celebrity Stories During the Insanity of 2020?



Starbucks Calls for a Rebound in 2021 – Making Shares Jump

Amanda Knox will always have her name associated with the murder of her roommate…even if it came out that she didn’t do it. Now, the real murderer is getting out of prison. Read here to find out what she thinks about it.

Tesla is set to join the S&P 500 on December 21st. And a lot of investors who haven’t invested in the company already are thinking of doing so now. So, why does this analyst at J.P. Morgan think the company’s stock is dramatically overvalued?

The lack of movie theaters during the pandemic caused the streaming wars to heat up way earlier than they would have normally. Now, they are all trying to find a way to get and keep customers. So, you know HBO Max was happy when a special episode of this show caused their downloads to skyrocket…



Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Tom Brady – Here are the Best Celebrity Stories from 2020


HBO Max Already Working on True Blood Reboot – Even Though It Only Ended 6 Years Ago

New Bill in Senate Would Crack Down on Websites Like Pornhub by Allowing Victims to Sue the Company

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