Rapper Pleads Guilty to Possessing Gold-Plated Gun



Youth Football Coach Who Smacked 9-Year Old Child Charged

If a conservative even sneezes wrong these days, they are told it’s offensive. But this liberal, male cheerleader TV star gets brought up on 7 charges in a child pornography case and you hear damn near nothing. It’s just becoming so obvious…

The video game industry was a big moneymaker before the pandemic and became an even bigger one afterward. Even on Black Friday, the one thing people waited for was the PlayStation 5. What are the video game stocks investors should watch next year?

Maybe it was the success of Tiger King on Netflix that made HBO Max want to look more into documentaries. Their newest is about the 1970’s disco musical group the Bee Gees. Will this kind of content bring in new subscribers?



Rapper Lil Wayne is Caught with a Gold-Plated Gun and Pleads Guilty to Possession


Why Did These 3 Alternative Energy Stocks All Take a Dive on Friday?

After 51 Years, They Finally Cracked the Zodiac Killer’s Cipher – and It is Chilling

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