3 Cheap Tech Stocks to Look at for Next Year



How Much Would You Pay to See the Mona Lisa Up Close?

At this point, there are more shows being rebooted in Hollywood than there are new ones coming out. But there’s one show that won’t be. Fans of this Disney series will be sad to hear the reboot is now over before it started…

It seems like everyone has a streaming service these days. Now, new ones are popping up, trying to focus on a single niche. For instance, Acorn TV is out and focusing on foreign TV shows…

Scary Mommy is the largest entertainment and media company for moms. Now, they are partnering with Huggies to make a 4-episode late night show for mothers. Will it bring Hulu more subscribers?



Check Out These 3 Tech Stocks for the Next Year – All of Them Under $25


Johnny Depp is So Unwanted in Hollywood That He Isn’t Even Allowed to Make a Cameo in the Pirates Sequel

2020 News Ratings are Out – Great Day for Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity

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