Wonder Woman 1984 Debuts in Chinese Theaters – and Flops Hard



TikTok Has a Year in Review Feature – Here’s How to See It

China banned the sale of e-cigarettes online. And it did absolutely nothing to stop the product’s growth, which has even kept going through the pandemic. Read here about one vaping billionaire who only got richer after the ban.

Kourtney Kardashian is working to get some extra Christmas PR for the family. And this time, she and a friend took from a ‘90’s classic. Check out how they recreated parts of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion in the photo shoot. 

AT&T decided to auction off DirecTV. And already, reports are coming out that they may stop the auction. So far, they are not at all happy with the offers being made…



Wonder Woman 1984 Opened in China and Tanked – How Could This Lead to a Rise in Piracy?


All 15 Songs from the New Album by Taylor Swift Land on the This Week’s Hot 100

Here are Kelly Clarkson’s Tips on How to Avoid Awkward Christmas Situations

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