Check Out the Huge Movies Streaming Services are Releasing on Christmas



Why Would Tom Selleck Leave a $2,000 Tip?

The list of the top streaming TV shows for the year recently came out. And, no big surprise, Netflix made up most of the list. Except for the top spot, which went to a huge hit show on a streaming service that made investors happy this year…

This new strain of the coronavirus is really freaking people out. Now, some major airlines are requiring a recent negative covid test to come from the UK to America. Hope they enjoy getting swabs put up their noses…

Shia LaBeouf has been having some really bad days lately. He’s being sued by an ex for things he did to her during the relationship and was fired off of a movie in September. Now, exactly why he was fired is coming out…



Streaming Services are All Releasing Huge Movies on Christmas – Which Gives Us Plenty to Watch!


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Forbes Has Announced the Highest Paid Actor of 2020 – Dwayne Johnson!

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