What were the Biggest Stock Gainers Yesterday?



Oscar-Winning Producer Takes on Talent Managers

Novavax was one of the stocks that made investors happy last year. Being one of the main medical research companies people looked to for a vaccine caused their stock to soar a whopping 2,600%. Read here to find out the 3 things investors should look for in 2021.

With cases surging nationwide, many of us are stuck in some sort of lockdown again. Thank God for streaming services at times like these! Check out what is coming to HBO Max this month…and what is leaving.

Roku has helped investors make money off of streaming services this year, without getting caught up in the streaming wars themselves. Now, they have more good news coming with their estimated fourth quarter data. And it includes getting 14 million more active users in the past year…



Check Out the Top 5 Stock Gainers from Yesterday – With One Hitting an All-Time High


Here’s the Crazy Insane Amount of Money That’s at Stake in a Kim-Kanye Divorce

Charity Organization for Performers and Show Workers Raises $1M with Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

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