Will the Big Winner of the Streaming Wars be…Roku?!



New Tiger Woods Doc has Ex-Lover Talking About His Affair

The streaming wars heated up this year with so many people stuck inside…and Netflix is trying to make sure they stay on top. They just released a trailer of their upcoming projects this year, which included a bunch of A-list talent. Can the other companies find a way to beat them?

When theaters went down this year, one big winner was Netflix. Now, they are looking to capitalize on it. Read here to find out what they are doing to make 2021 their biggest year yet.

Disney+ had a big hit with The Mandalorian. Can the new Marvel show they have coming out beat it? So far, mathematically, the hype for WandaVision is bigger than it was for the Star Wars series…



Roku’s Streaming OS is Beating All Competitors – and Could Make Them a Big Winner


Brendan Fraser Set to Make His Return to Acting – as a 600 Pound Man

How was the Netflix Hit Bridgerton Able to Find Its Signature Sound?

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