BMW Cancels Its “Netflix for Cars” Program



Who were the Big Movers on the Billboard Charts?

New York’s liberal government just made a law that changes employment regulations…but only for one industry. Fast food restaurants in the state can no longer have “at-will” employees, and now have restrictions on who they can fire or cut hours from. Never before has one type of restaurant had to take on more regulation than the others…

The internet went crazy with speculation when a rumor started that Chris Evans will return to the MCU as Captain America (even if it may not be true). But does the franchise need him to be successful? At this point, it seems like Marvel can make a success out of almost anything…

You know Disney is hurting when they end one of their popular park features. They are now doing away with the annual pass that Disneyland used to offer. Will this move help their monetary problems or make them worse?



BMW Tried Out a Subscription Program for Cars – and Is Now Quitting the Initiative 


Cancel Culture has Been Trying to Ruin Entertainment – Here are 9 Stars Who Survived It

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