PepsiCo and Beyond Meat Partner Up to Create New Snacks



Richard Lewis Not Returning to HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm

The market is focusing on growth stocks right now…which leaves other fields wide open for smart investors. There are slower growing, but profitable, stocks that you can now get on the cheap. Read here to find 3 big ones you should check out for 2021.

Before the dawn of streaming, content acquisition was done mostly by gut instinct instead of scientific data. Now, companies have mountains of data they use to look at user trends. And it’s making them all take a moneyball-style approach to getting content…

Southern California’s ICU capacity is still near the 0% mark that it was at when the liberal governor put a stay-at-home order in place. But now, after a recall effort went after him, he’s lifting the order. And comedian Adam Corolla isn’t going to let him get away with it easily…



Beyond Meat and PepsiCo Have Become Partners to Create Plant-Based Snacks


Even a Year Later, Pandemic Streaming is Still Dominated by YouTube, Smart TVs and Roku

What Good News Made Shares of DraftKings Surge Over 10% Yesterday?

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