As Tensions Rise, EMA Approves Third Vaccine for EU



Tractor Supply’s Q4 Report Beats Estimates

“Buy now, pay later” service Affirm picked a good time to go public. Shares have already doubled since their IPO, which was only a few weeks back. Read here to find out what you need to know before investing.

One of the best things Trump did in office was actually bring some peace to the Middle East through the deals he brokered. But already, Biden is pausing some of the deals to review items included in them. Is everything Trump did about to be ruined by the new administration?

The pandemic hit the movie industry hard, with both film studios and theater owners feeling the burn. Unfortunately, it looks like they don’t have high hopes for this year either. Already, they are pushing big titles back to 2022…



AstraZeneca Vaccine Becomes the Third Approved in EU as Global Tensions Rise


Verizon Stock Won’t Offer Much Growth – But Does Offer a Solid Dividend

United States Economy Ends a Crazier-Than-Expected 2020 with a Low Q4 Gain

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