Tokyo is Still Pushing for the Olympics – But There are Many Questions



Can Bed, Bath & Beyond Pull It Together in 2021?

Automation was accelerated during the pandemic big time. And a lot of jobs will probably be lost because of it. Read here to find out how this may affect the manufacturing sector.

Amazon recently reported Q4 results that were nothing less than fantastic. But it was a mixed bag for some investors, as Jeff Bezos announced he was stepping down. Overall, there were 5 main metrics investors should look at when viewing the report…

Rapper 50 Cent has made his name on social media as someone who trolls and talks big, but this time he may have gone too far. He said in an interview he wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather, but that Mayweather was too small. Mayweather is responding with a definite yes, which may not be good news for 50 Cent…



Will the Olympics Happen in Tokyo? They Published Covid Rules, But Many People are Still Skeptical 


Who is Up for a Golden Globe This Year? Find the Full List of Nominees Here

Once Again, Almost Every Show on The CW Got Renewed for Another Season

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