A Theme Park in Utah is Suing Taylor Swift – Here’s Why



Ford Announces Losses Due to Covid – and They’re Big

If you needed evidence that covid has changed consumer trends, just look at Meredith Corp., the company that owns People and In Style. In their last quarter, digital magazine ads outsold print for the first time ever. And the drop that print faced was a big one…

The liberal cancel culture police are coming for anything they don’t like…no matter how old it is. They just tried to come after Grease, of all things, because they said it was sexist. Olivia Newton John responded and what she says about people taking things too seriously is right on…

The Super Bowl is coming up, which means its time for crazy prop bets. The main one this year revolves around covid (big shocker) and is a bet on which coach takes off his face mask first. It’s going to be a weird Super Bowl…



A Theme Park Has the Same Name as a Taylor Swift Album – and Now They’re Suing Her for It


Under Armour Releases First Project Rock Collection with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Industrial Supply Companies Had a Hard Month at the Market – and W.W. Grainger was No Exception

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