Will Disney+ Profits Be Enough to Offset Closures in Upcoming Q1 Report?



Amber Heard Makes Connection Between Depp and Manson

Shares of Royal Caribbean Cruises are down by about 45% from before the pandemic. And they are still falling. Read here to find out why they are still canceling cruises and what the company sees for the future.

Wow, cancel culture is getting crazy right now. An actress made a claim against actor Adam Driver, which turned out not to be true. In the interview, she said he attacked her, but now she’s backtracking from that…

Sometimes even the safest Hollywood productions can have problems. Jennifer Lawrence was in New York filming her newest movie when a “controlled glass explosion” went wrong. The actress got a cut on her eyelid that wouldn’t stop bleeding…



Disney+ has Been Disney’s Big Success During the Pandemic – Is It Enough to Boost Their Upcoming Q1 Earnings Report?


What Made Mark Zuckerberg Make a Surprise Appearance on The Good Times Show?

Nikola Investors had a Great January – Here’s Why the Stock Jumped Over 50% for the Month

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