Spotify is Dominating in Podcasts – Here’s Why Investors Should Care



Should Investors Choose Square Over PayPal?

London theaters may be on the verge of complete collapse. That’s why Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of Phantom of the Opera and Evita, is asking the UK government to reopen them again. Will the UK government hear his pleas?

Whether it’s a truly authentic gesture or an effort to get back in the spotlight, Paris Hilton is telling her story about abuse in Utah boarding schools. And now she has another famous friend on her side. This one is known more for the work of her successful musician father…

You know it’s a screwed up world when some people want to help rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine clean up his image. The rapper, who has gone to prison and also been on video with a minor girl, was called a “horrible human being” by the director of a documentary on him. The rapper’s representatives are now trying to fight back against the allegation…



Spotify is Dominating the Podcast Industry – Here’s Why That Matters to Investors


Of the 8 Women Left in Australia’s Open Quarterfinals, 3 are American – and Serena Williams is Leading the Charge

Remember The Breakfast Club – Here’s Where the Legendary Cast is Now

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