Disney Invests More in Streaming Wars with New Channel for Adults



How Netflix Outperformed Its Free Cash Flow Expectations

HBO Max released the first trailer for the video game adaptation Mortal Kombat. And, just like the game, it’s basically just fighting with a lot of blood and gore. From what the trailer reviews are sounding like, they do know what their audience wants…

Britney Spears is the newest star that is getting more publicity by making herself a victim. It’s to the point now where her mother is again being hounded at airports. The liberal press sure do love to make multi-millionaire performers into “victims” these days…

Epic Games is trying to make its battle with Apple a worldwide affair. The company is waiting for a lawsuit in an American court over Apple’s fees for in-app purchases. And while they are waiting, they are filing similar lawsuits in other countries…



Disney is About to Introduce Star as a Channel for Adults – How Will This Affect the Streaming Wars?


You Can Now Live in the Hollywood Hills Home of Marlon Brando – For Just a Tad Over $4 Million

BP Offering Share Reward Plan as They Move from Oil to Green Energy

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