Here’s a First-Look at the Lucid Motors SPAC Deal



What You Can Learn About the Biden Economy from Bonds

Unity Software stock has been on an epic run. But, like in everything else, all good things must come to an end. And that end happened after they reported earnings, as their stock dropped over 10%…

Workplaces changed big time in 2020, with the pandemic causing huge waves in nearly every industry. And it seems like more changes are coming this year. Over 50% of workers are considering a job change over the year…

There have been a whole bunch of movies based on video games, but I’m fairly sure this is the first game show inspired by a video game. NBCU is creating a game show based on the 1980’s video game Frogger. We’ll see if this can help Peacock leapfrog over their streaming competitors (see what I did there?)…_________________________________________________________________________


After Weeks of Speculation, Lucid Motors is Officially Set to Go Public with an SPAC


Are the Critics Right? According to Reviews, These are the 50 Best Movies of All Time

Dr. Dre’s Ex-Wife is Finding Out Why It’s Bad to Divorce Rappers After He Talks Trash About Her in a New Song

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