Will Google Face an Antitrust Probe in Europe Next?



ViacomCBS Showcases Paramount+ with Q4 Results

Now that Meghan and Harry are through being Royals, they are focusing on charity efforts. The first Community Relief Center paid for by their non-profit was just finished on the Caribbean island of Dominica. They are now looking to Puerto Rico for the second center…

The retail sector was hit HARD by covid, with many companies forced into bankruptcy. But there are some retailers who seemed immune to the problems of 2020. And they should do as good, if not better, when things open up again…

A title has finally been given for the third entry in the Spider-Man series co-produced by Marvel and Sony and that title is – Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s set to come out only in theaters on December 17th 2021 (assuming, of course, they are open again). And already, in February, people are saying it will be the top grossing movie of the year…



EU Warns of Potential Antitrust Probe if Google Threatens to Withdraw from Markets


Kaley Cuoco Talks the “State of Shock” She Was in When She Found Out Big Bang Theory was Ending

Inflation Hasn’t Been a Big Issue for a Long Time – Will It Become One Again in 2021?

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